What Was It Like For A Woman To Ask For A Raise In The ’70s?

Tips-for-asking-for-a-raiseAuthor: Laurie Battaglia

This question takes me back to the beginning of my career, which began with my first “real job” in corporate life as a bank teller. That was 1978.

I could give a two-word answer: “You didn’t!”

On the other hand, I’m not sure how many men asked for raises at that time either. It was a time of taking what was offered and being glad for it.

My first awakening, realizing that I could ask for things and sometimes I would get them, came in the 1980s. At first it was men that set the tone, but in the ’80s, women began to take advantage of the laws passed earlier and they began to take ownership for their careers. Theybegan to network and cooperate with each other.

A women’s banking group, the National Association of Bank Women (NABW), was where I heard about quantifying your results and even putting them into a document that made it very understandable for your boss to realize just how valuable you were. Quantifying your accomplishments made sense. Speaking up about them was more difficult.

If someone came to me today and asked, “How do I ask for a raise and get it?”… here’s what I would tell them:

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