Millennials Now Bringing Pets To Job Interviews, Because YOLO

imagesEarth to Millennials: Don’t text during a job interview, and don’t bring your cat, either. Yep, this stuff really happens. Like, actually is a thing that goes on in the real world.

According to hiring managers interviewed by USA Today, recent college graduates “perform poorly—sometimes even bizarrely—in job interviews.”:

Human resource professionals say they’ve seen recent college grads text or take calls in interviews, dress inappropriately, use slang or overly casual language, and exhibit other oddball behavior.


“It’s behavior that may be completely appropriate outside the interview,” says Jaime Fall, vice president of the HR Policy Association. “The interview is still a traditional environment.”

The “other oddball behavior” includes dressing strangely, taking phone calls, and using slang or other casual language. One guy in his 20s brought his father into a 45-minute interview, and another guy had his dad call to negotiate a higher salary. Various HR execs say that about one in five recent graduates behave inappropriately in interviews, and it’s gotten worse over the last three years or so.

My favorite, however, is the college senior who toted along her cat in a crate to an interview at American Eagle. The woman set the cat crate on the interviewer’s desk, which is a dealbreaker, and then played with it during the interview, which is a triple-decker dealbreaker do not pass Go do not collect a paycheck ever. ”It hit me like—why would you think that’s OK?” the former recruiting director at American Eagle said, showing admirable restraint. “She cut herself off before she had a chance.”


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    • Interview Success

      Ruth, thanks for bringing some light to this! It’s never OK to divert your attention during a job interview. This means texting, taking calls, dressing inappropriately, and yes, bringing your cat to the interview is never a good idea. The only things you should be bringing to an interview are the necessary professional materials, your personal story, and of course, a positive attitude.

    • Skeptic

      In Australia, if you are on a government benefit you are required to apply for a set amount of jobs, and is there isn’t enough jobs in any particular industry you have to apply in all industries ,for jobs you have no hope of getting, so a lot of people just apply for anything and then do the behaviours mentioned above deliberately.

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