The 5 Worst Lines In The Washington Post’s ‘Lady Loves Shoes’ Post

princess-pink-shoes-68595Yesterday, the Washington Post‘s blog The Fix published a headdesk-worthy post about White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, a key player in the Obama administration. The post was not about her work, however, but about her fabulous shoes. Ladeez love shoes, amiright? Here are the five most obnoxious lines from the post.

1. “It may say more about Washington than White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler that she’s known in the West Wing for her fabulous shoes.” Cool lede, bro.*

2. “One of Ruemmler’s pairs has a jeweled paisley pattern; another is black and strappy.” OUTRAGEOUS!

3. “We tried to get a photo from the White House showing one of these exceptional pairs; instead we got this shot of her in a senior staff meeting with the president, revealing a conventional pair of heels.” So the woman who is supposedly known for her flamboyant footwear has apparently never been photographed in anything by standard heels.

4. “Now, she wears Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins into the Oval Office.” So what? She probably earns a great salary, and these are top brands favored by many stylish, powerful women.

5. “When White House Council of Economic Advisers chairman Alan B. Krueger briefs the senior staff on how consumer confidence has risen, according to White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri, aides routinely inquire whether Ruemmer has gone shopping.” Lolz.

The post accompanied a flattering but substantial full profile of Ruemmler that ran int the paper itself. That profile pointed out that Ruemmler helped keep the initial news of the IRS Tea Party scandal from President Obama, ostensibly to protect him from the taint of scandal. It noted her intense focus and devotion to the law, and quotes a friend calling her “a lawyer’s lawyer.” Somehow it did all that without referring to her shoes.

*Technically, a lady, not a bro, wrote the post.

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