Office Accessories That Will Make You Look Smarter

Untitled-e1369775850111Author: Sarah Devlin

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” they say. But if you really must to be judged, make sure you’re covered just right.

You want to be attractive, but not in a distracting way. Appearance is the first thing people see. So whether it’s scoring a new job, closing a deal, or simply meeting your boyfriend’s mom for the first time, smart is the look you would want to present. This means that you don’t want to look flirty, clueless, stressed, or an awful combination of all three. Here are some ways to accessorize smartly:

Be spectacular in spectacles. This is an obvious option. There are two approaches to sporting eyeglasses: you either want to make yourself look like a geek (because you are) or you’re going for geek chic. Either way, wearing spectacles gives people the notion that you are a hardcore bookworm whose vision has slowly deteriorated after years of reading mind-nourishing, dusty tomes. Huge, too-obviously-for-fashion glasses won’t give you this look. Rather, go for trendy yet classic frames that will complement your attire without looking too stern.

Don’t abuse that bag. How your bag looks, how you carry it, and if you even carry one at all says a lot about you. When you’re a working woman who’s always on the go, bringing a large bag every day is practical, but filling it up and making it look like you’re bringing your whole desk with you is a major turn off. If you really must, make sure you don’t deform your dear bag by over stuffing it. Also, always have the right bag for the right occasion. Shiny clutches are for parties, as a satchel is for a day walk.

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