Meet ‘Old Economy Steve’

grid-cell-13702-1369522861-5If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you’ve probably had this happen to you: You’re looking for a job, and you’re having difficulty finding one. Enter your parents, or perhaps an aunt or uncle, to dispense some wisdom: “Why don’t you just walk into a few places and see if they have any openings?” “Why don’t you just apply at [dream company]?” “When I was looking for a job, it never took me more than a few weeks to find one.” THANKS, BABY BOOMER!

Meet the meme “Old Economy Steve,” who spouts such entitled, clueless “wisdom” like it’s his job, which, by the way, includes benefits.




Via BuzzFeed

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    • BeatnikBetty

      I’m going to have to leave this all over the comments sections of Boomers who are writing blog posts on Huffington Post about how Millennials are all lazy and entitled.

      • Lastango

        Really? I’m going to take it as another installment of lazy, entitled, cossetted Millennials blaming someone else for not handing them everything they “deserve” after they finished coasting through their worthless educations, inside the cocoon of a subsidized society they demand but can’t pay for.

      • bob

        Really? I’ll just take your take as just another smug boomer who fails to enter reality. Calling kids lazy when most adults are even struggling and fighting for min wage. Then these old entitled ‘git yur hands off my medicare bama’ condescending, delusional boomers are speaking down to kids at every chance when they have no clue. It isn’t blame, that’s what your doing, it’s making fun of the most entitled generation who complain about the so called lazies they raised.