Let’s Talk About Sex (At Work)

tumblr_l29rjuo64B1qzxaojo1_500Jim and Pam Halpert may have had one of the greatest fantasy relationships in TV, but a new survey suggests the start of their office romance was nothing out of the ordinary: A whopping 54% of workers have had sex with a coworker.

Business Insider surveyed readers on the topic of sex at work, prompted by a BusinessWeek column about how it’s more common than we think.

To their surprise, about 2,500 readers responded, making it one of their largest online surveys ever. Here are some of the results

  • 90% of workers say employees who don’t work directly with each other, but who work at the same company, should be allowed to have sex
  • 36% of workers say managers should be allowed to have sex with subordinates
  • 92% of workers say they shouldn’t have to tell HR about their dalliances
  • 90% of respondents admit having been attracted to a colleague (and the other 10% are liars)
  • The majority of respondents guessed that only 20% to 40% of their colleagues have ever slept with a colleague …
  • … But 54% of respondents said they had!

You can read all the fascinating results over at Business Insider. Fascinating — but non-scientific. This was just an online survey, after all. Business Insider’s readers may be particularly young and/or sexy, or work in industries where hookups are more common. Still, it’s enough to make you look around the office with an eye toward gossip.

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    • Lastango

      It’s enough to make one look around the office and wonder why everyone else gets to bang co-workers and we don’t!