Only 11% Of HR Pros Say Millennials Work Hard

0604 shockWhat does it mean when your self-image is completely different from the way everyone else sees you? It could mean a healthy self-esteem — or insanity. In related news, a new survey finds that 86% of Millennial job seekers say they’re hard workers, but only 11% of HR professionals agree.

The survey was conducted by the career site, which gathered answers from 6,000 job-seekers and HR pros. The survey uncovers a pretty shocking disconnect between Millennial self-image and, well, actual image.

Here are some of’s other findings:

Communication Skills

  • 65% of Millennials said they relate well to others
  • 14% of HR professionals agreed that Millennials were good communicators


  • 82% of Millennials say they’re loyal to employers
  • 1% (yes, 1%) of HR professionals said Millennials were loyal to employers


  • 86% of HR professionals said Millennials are tech-savvy
  • Just 35% of Millennials agreed. Buck up, Millennials!

You could interpret this as widespread discrimination against young people (an age-old problem), or as widespread incompetence and bad character among the young. In all likelihood, it’s a combination. If you’re a job-seeking Millennial, these numbers may be hard to swallow. But like they say: Know thine enemy.

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