NSA Leaker Edward Snowden’s Old Job Is Open!

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Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, leaked explosive information about the government’s PRISM program. To do so, he had to leave the country, as well as his cushy $200k a year job in Hawaii. Do you want his old job with Booz Allen Hamilton? The Atlantic Wire is reporting that it’s open!

According to the Atlantic Wire:

The security and consulting firm posted a job opening last month that sounds suspiciously similarto the one that Edward Snowden used to do for Booz Allen, before he hightailed it out the country and started leaking what he took with him. The position of “Information Security Engineer” is based in Hawaii, requires experience with network engineering and host-based security systems, and — this is non-negotiable, we assume — a full security investigation and background check to determine “eligibility requirements for access to classified information.”

Dashiell Bennett suspects that this is the listing for Snowden’s vacancy because it was posted at the end of May, shortly after Snowden took a leave of absence, purportedly to deal with his epilepsy. Snowden is now in Hong Kong, attempting to figure out a way to get asylum and avoid prosecution in the US.

In the articles I’ve read since Snowden outed himself on Saturday, there’s been quite a few careful (classist?) mentions of the fact that he has no college degree….but somehow snagged a serious of fancy jobs with the CIA, Booz Allen Hamilton and other jobs requiring a high-security clearance. I can’t say I’m super surprised that a tech guy managed to rise up through the ranks with only a GED. That industry seems to be way more focused on your experience and expertise rather than the pieces of paper you can hang on your office wall.

College degree or not, that job in Hawaii is calling someone’s name. Hey, Honolulu and 200k a year really isn’t bad. So if you dig Mai Tais, money, computers, and staying quiet about covert government activities, get your cover letter ready ASAP.

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    • Lastango

      “That industry seems to be way more focused on your experience and
      expertise rather than the pieces of paper you can hang on your office

      Some think that’s the way of the future, and that pieces of paper on the wall are increasingly being recognized as little more than vague, devalued admission tickets. Our current, failed model will be replaced by high-quality technical training on the German model, and by other forms of proof-of-capability. Traditional colleges will still exist, but — as was once the case — far fewer people will want or need to go there.

      This piece, about Canada, offers some useful clues: