6 Video Beauty Tutorials For Work-Appropriate Makeup

Do you ever watch YouTube makeup and beauty tutorials? I LOVE THEM. I really really love them. I’m a visual learner who isn’t super adept with my makeup brushes, so having the opportunity to actually watch an expert (or at least a self-styled expert!) work some makeup magic is both useful and convenient.

Since I wrote all about work-appropriate makeup on Friday, I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite work-focused makeup tutorials. These run the gamut from super easy to more advanced, but I think you’ll find something you can work with in here, no matter what your style or level of makeup experience.

1. Amazing makeup artist and beauty blogging guru Lisa Eldridge with a simple professional look that focuses on getting skin to look glowy and fresh:

2. Brunette Beauty Blogger gives us her everyday makeup:

3. Claire Ashley with an office OR interview appropriate makeup look:

4. If you’ve got two minutes, you can learn an easy eye makeup look to wear to the office.

5. FAWN (For All Women Network) has a video with some handy tips on how to wear both your hair and your makeup for a job interview:

6. Here’s a great “safe” wear-to-work look:

7. This video is on the longer side, but Marlena provides suggestions for each day of the work week if you’re looking to spruce up your beauty routine. Would you try the electric bue eyeliner she features in her first look?

All videos via YouTube

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