Stock Photos Say All Of Your Bosses Are Really, Really Mean

A few weeks ago, we explored the strange hilarity that ensues when you type “unemployment” into a stock photo site. This time, I want to show y’all what the stock photo database yielded when I did a simple search for “boss.” No, not mean boss or nasty boss or horrible boss, just plain old “boss.” Although, if the results are any indication, every boss in the world is a white man who has a terrible temper and likes to yell at employees. Take a look:


I definitely sit that close to people when they're yelling at me, don't you? Especially in a professional setting.

Larger Than Life

Big old high heels, little teeny tiny male employee.

Blow Ya Hair Back

Wow. Just wow.

Michael Kors?

Michael Kors, is that you? Did someone do something quelle horreur on Project Runway?

Looks Like The Presentation Didn't Go Well



Not even sure what to say about this one other than....UM?

White Man Telling You What's What

So many of these bosses are white men, huh?

Happy Boss!

And, just for good measure, one of the actually not mean pictures that showed up in my search.

All photos: Shutterstock

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