Four Ways You Can Make Money Like Lindsay Lohan (Just Get Oprah To Coach You)

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Firstly, I’m not of the mindset that bashing celebrities who actually need real help does any good. But Lindsay Lohan’s money-making techniques are both hilarious and commendable. In case you were wondering just how to get your hands on some fast-cash, you may want to get a job, or an internship, or an education, because it’s doubtful you or I will wander into Lindsay’s circumstances any time soon.

Get life-coached by Oprah. 
The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has been negotiating with Lindsay for a while now, and sources say an eight-part documentary will be released, which will basically put Lindsay’s life on blast, detailing her career (aka, her current struggles). And all of this is clocking in at 2 million dollars. According to TMZ, Oprah’s giving Lindsay some assistants and a stylist. Not too bad.

Get naked. Lindsay Lohan took her top off for Playboy and was paid $1 million for it, exactly half of what she’s making off of Oprah’s new documentary. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a deal or not. But I sure as hell would take it.

Sell your stuff. Lindsay’s stuff was sold at a few years ago. You could pick up high heels and boots and other celebrity junk, should you desire. Celebrity-turned-thrift shops aren’t too common, so, kudos? Then the company Cash For Purses started offering Lindsay money for her pricy handbags. “I invited Lindsay Lohan to contact my company because we are a high-end and designer handbag buyer, and we’ll purchase her excess bags to help pay her bills,” the Cash For Purse’s founder and CMO said.

Borrow some money off of Charlie Sheen. 
And if the money’s not enough, Sheen can mentor you too. No, thank you. Apparently Lindsay Lohan borrowed some $100,000 from Sheen to avoid defaulting on tax pay-backs.
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