Four Ways Social Media Can Get You Fired (Hint: No Job Hating On Vine)

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If your job is completely awful, you are not alone. We already know that plenty of educated, ambitious, talented people are working in roles that are the paycheck-earning equivalent to watching paint dry, but employment is employment, and unless you have some incredible safety net of opportunity (and not even then) you shouldn’t make careless mistakes in the age of social media.

Our brilliant millennial generation is uber-connected, We’re connected by 140 characters, 6-second Vine videos, LinkedIn’s “endorsements” and Facebook’s everything. While you might think of yourself as a person who–gasp!–actually exists in the world outside of your place of employment (you are and it shouldn’t be counted against you in most cases), that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from bored, nosy or judgmental bosses who might search for you.

Calling out on Monday morning? There are bosses who will look for your Instagram account to see what sort of drunken photos you might have been posting the night before. Never assume exemption from the mental boss, and take a few precautions over the inter-webs.

No nudity. If you’re working in a professional environment, like a school or lawyer’s office, you may want to keep your clothes on in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos. While your nakedness has no relation to your efforts at work, it can get you in trouble. Just think: here are hundreds of day-job working burlesque performers who keep their pasties out of their personal feeds by creating pages under different names. Whatever you have to do to ensure you’re clean, do it. That goes for LinkedIn photo,  too. If you’re searching for job, no need for a sexy-ass profile thumbnail. Really.


Don’t publicly hate on your job or your employer. Even if your boss is super cool and hates your workplace too. Why? Because companies see their employees as walking, living representations–in and out of the office. You might be off the clock technically, but this is the sort of technicality that has lost people their jobs. Sometimes you just wanna write a sticky note that says, “I hate my job,” post it to your forehead and put it up on Instragram, but save yourself the risk. Go to the bar and complain about it instead. This goes for Twitter, Facebook and whatever else you’re using. Coworkers aren’t always loyal, so those that have access to your profile may see it and spread the word. If this sounds pessimistic, ladies,  it’s because paranoia can keep you safe.
Keep your office romance off the Internet. While office romances are typically against the rules, whether officially or not, plenty of people still go for it. And why not? It’s hot when you’re told you’re not allowed to have something, right? That’s beside the point. Whether you’re posting pictures kissing up to your colleague (or boss), or having lengthy chats with them via status or private message, it could totally ruin your office life and lose you and your coworker your job.
Don’t publicize job interviews or job-hunting updates while employed. Yikes. How awkward would it be if your boss saw that you took lunch to interview with another employer? Not to mention, if you don’t get the job and you’ve pissed off your current employer, where does that leave you?





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