Rich Women Never Plan For Retirement, Because They Never Retire


This cute couple may technically still be on the clock.

One of the great things about being one of America’s richest women, one would imagine, is knowing you can retire and live on an island somewhere with out your boss emailing you stupid questions at 11:30PM on a Saturday night when you’re just trying to get it in. (Or sleep, as it were.) But it turns out most rich women never want to stop working.

Are these people crazy? Not necessarily. They’re just happy.

Studies show that many lower income people plan to retire around 65, which is considered the norm.

However, wealthy people–as in the top earners in the U.S.–have no plans on retiring before age 70, if at all, but there are a few reasons for that. Some of these well-to-do folks just love what they do so much that they don’t want to quit doing it ever. Others are entrepreneurs and business owners who have no one to whom to leave their pride and joy.

One expert, George Walper, explained it as such to NBC News: “Most of these people enjoy working and are very involved in their businesses. To them it isn’t really work.” And for those who consider themselves “retired” but still do business? Walper noted, “They may say they’re retired because they’re only working five days a week now instead of seven. And they’re doing it from a different location. To them, that’s retirement.”

Does that mean I’m retired? Because I’m happily writing this from a hammock. And I may not be wearing pants.

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