3 Ways To Keep Your Telecommuting Staff Happy


Working from home isn’t for everyone, so make your staff are suited to telecommuting.

Telecommuting is awesome for those of us who hate putting on pants everyday (the struggle!), but it’s not for everyone. If you’re hiring telecommuters or just want to be sure your current telecommuting staff have decent morale, here are three tips to keep them positive and productive. (For the record, I get a lot done in the time I save trying to squeeze my sausage limbs into the cruel casings that are pants.)

Telecommuting Tip 1: Make sure your staffers have lives outside of work.
Whether it’s a painting class, a pet or a passion for pie, make sure your staffers have at least a somewhat regular schedule and hobbies or interests outside of work. Otherwise, you know what happens? They work 24/7/365, which may seem nice on the surface, but eventually leads them to burn out–and then you’re all going to be tired and grumpy.

Telecommuting Tip 2: Talk about things other than work with your employees.
Telecommuting can make people feel sort of like robots, and it can make you see them as such if you’re not careful. Having company chat rooms or bulletin boards where colleagues can talk about their day or just shoot the shizzle can humanize them and you alike, which makes everyone feel more appreciated. And you know what people do when they feel appreciated? They work harder. Win win, no?

Telecommuting Tip 3: Hire good writers.
Even if you’re not in a writing nor creative field, hiring someone who has a way with words will make you really happy when you realize you’ll have to read their emails indefinitely.

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