The Surprising Secret To Revealing Your Weakness In Job Interviews

Revealing your weakness? Let people see what you want them to see.

Revealing your weakness? Let people see what you want them to see.

I used to go into job interviews with that cheap, totally overly-used “weakness” that is totally not a weakness at all: “Oh, you know,” I’d say with a smirk, “I’m competitive. I guess it’s a detriment to my colleagues.” What a terrible answer. Not only is it transparent, it’s sort of predictable.

According to Forbes, it may be better to go into the job interview with a sincere and honest answer—an answer that you can, of course, turn into something positive. First you may want to take a personality test, like this one here, to figure out what your limitations (and your strengths!) actually are.

You’re definitely not going to want to go into an interview spouting some irrelevant information either—make sure you’re talking to the employer about realistic weaknesses. If you’re going in for an English teaching position, mentioning you’re no good at science might get a laugh, but it will also show you’re not taking the interview very seriously. Be honest. Your strengths will land you a job despite your one admittance.

When you do finally admit to what your weakness is, be prepared to discuss ways in which you’re learning to address it (because, well, if you’re not, that’s just not a smart move).

And, ladies, not that you’re going to do this or anything, but don’t mention ridiculous weaknesses: you’re a gossip, you’re sometimes lazy, you can’t spell, you’re a slow learner. Be sure you’ve got a few good (and honest) answers that can be brought up sincerely but won’t be the kiss of death.

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