ObamaCare Causes Cut Work Hours & Then Americans Go Without Health Insurance, Yay!

Health insurance woes are abundant right now.

Health insurance woes are abundant right now. You’re not alone.

I am one of those people who are affected by ObamaCare. Fact. I am not taking a partisan stance here; I think Obama meant well and I’m sure that Obama’s health care plans are a step in the right direction, but I can’t help but be peeved at the health care crisis in this country.

I suffer from an auto-immune disorder that affects my eyes and my bones. It’s not fun. I wish I didn’t have to pocket over $300 to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic, and I wish I didn’t have to spend nine hours in the emergency room under charity care. I work 50 hours a week, easily, between a part-time (29 hour) job and other freelance gigs.

Why 29 hours? Because if you work more than 30 hours, the ObamaCare mandate kicks in and employers are required to pay for health insurance.

And it’s not just my workplace. It might be happening in yours, too. As of September 3, almost 300 employers (plenty haven’t been counted or reported) have cut hours, which marks the start of the insurance mandate. What’s worse is that more and more Americans are having to work part-time gigs to make rent. 

Part-time is awesome; you can schedule your day more flexibly and make plans and reach out into other areas of work. However, being an American without health insurance is difficult. Really difficult.

And companies are making other cuts:

“A few have cut payrolls to steer clear of ObamaCare’s 50 full-time-equivalent-worker definition of a large employer subject to employer fines. A few others have reduced staff while contracting with employment services firms to limit their ObamaCare exposure.”

Starting October 1, the Health Care Marketplace opens to enrollment–but plenty of Americans can’t afford even the low-cost health care options being offered, while others make “too much” to qualify for certain health plans.

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