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3 Ways To Add Personality In Job Interviews, From Seventeen Magazine’s Editor, Ann Shoket

Seventeen Magazine

Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine

Levo League is a website geared toward women in the first phases of their professional careers. The website is home to a bunch of super savvy career mentors willing to share advice, which is helpful for just about anyone at any phase in their work life.

When Levo League posted a video with Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, I wanted to watch not only because I had spent time interning for a teen magazine (Cosmo!Girl) but because–despite your feelings on the media and magazines made for young girls–Shoket really did make bounds in her career. She too started off as an intern–and now she’s editing for a major national publication.

In her discussion for Levo League, she illuminated three easy ways to nail a job interview, regardless of the field in which you want to work. I really loved these tips, because they allow for a more human approach and prove that higher-ups appreciate someone who is really, really hungry for the job.

Sit on the edge of your seat. If you think about it, plenty of us stress out about looking calm and composed during interviews. We are ridiculously aware of our posture and our hands: are they folded? are they clamped shut? What if we all gave in and just let our interest dictate our body positioning? Leaning in is not only a literal phrase in career terminology, it’s sheer body language, and it can help deliver the message, “I really want this.”

Have a real conversation. So, you know how you’ve prepared your answers the night before? Good job. Now’s the time to take it to the next level. Be open-minded and engaging and have a real conversation. Connect with the interviewer. You’ll of course want to demonstrate readiness in your basic work answers, but you should be prepared to let some of the magic show. Who are you? What separates you from the ten others that have the same skill-set? Be funny. Be quirky. Be you. Tell them why you want this. What has led you to this moment?

Send a thank-you note. Okay, so you’ve heard this one before and you’re probably doing it already. Great work. While most thank-you notes are sent via email, Shoket still loves a handwritten card. If that’s just not your style, that’s OK–but make sure you’re engaging here, too. You don’t want to write “xoxo” or anything wild, but you do want to go the extra mile and write something personal, excited and meaningful. A generic “Thanks so much for meeting with me on Tuesday. It was great to speak with you,” won’t do the trick.

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    Being real and honest in answering questions during an interview is really important in making an impression.
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    Making a personality that stands out during a job interview can be easier if you prepare well for it. Make sure that you highlight your positive attributes as an individual and potential employee.
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