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3 Ways To Save Your Professional Reputation When You Quit Your Job After Less Than One Year


If you quit your job sooner rather than later, potential employers may side eye your resume. | Source: ShutterStock

You should never stay at a job that’s right for you, but if you leave a job after less than one year, it can make potential employers side eye your resume–and that can make it tougher to land a job you like better. If you really can’t last much longer, don’t freak, but do have a plan ready in case interviewers question your loyalty, dedication or endurance. Here are three ways to salvage your professional reputation if you quit your job after less than one year, courtesy of J.T. O’Donnell at LinkedIn.

Don’t criticize your former employer, but make it clear that this is about your professional trajectory.
Even if the pay sucked, the people sucked, or you had to put on pants daily, don’t kvetch about this to potential employers. Instead, explain why the job wasn’t great for your professional reputation and career trajectory. Explain that staying at that particular job would make you less valuable in your career and why.

Make it about you.
Explain that you want to be the best employee you can, not that you want more money or benefits. Otherwise, if they can’t offer you a competing salary or wage, why would they think you’d stick around?

Don’t make a habit out of it.
If you keep leaving your jobs after less than a year, it’s going to look like you have a fear of commitment. Is your name Hector? Did I date you after college? I still have your shot glasses. But yeah, if it’s a pattern, potential employers may think it’s not the jobs, but that it’s you. And they may be right. (And Hector? It was totally you.)

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    Criticizing your previous job or the people you’ve worked with could make a negative impression about you.
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    These are wonderful tips on how to save your professional reputation when you quit your job after less than one year.

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    Don’t make job quitting job a habit.
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