5 Things To Do At The End Of Every Work Day


Being productive at the end of the day makes the next day a lot easier. | Source: ShutterStock

It’s Friday! It’s almost 5:00! Use that last few minutes wisely and your case of the Mondays won’t hurt so badly. Ending your workday with a routine can both minimize stress and help you ultimately get more done. Here are five things to do at the end of every work day to close out on a positive note so you won’t dread your alarm so much on Monday morning–or ever.

Tie up loose ends.
Check in with your boss and coworkers to make sure all your projects are complete (or close enough to it that you won’t be frazzled tomorrow). Anything that you can finish quickly but have been putting off? Do it now and you won’t feel like anything’s hanging over your head.

Clean out your inbox.
Delete any non-pertinent email and archive the rest, otherwise you run the risk of losing something important amid your office gossip and ModCloth newsletters. Not that I’ve done that ever. And if you get something after you’re scheduled to leave? Let it stay there til tomorrow, otherwise people will expect that you’ll be glued to your email at offhours all the time.

Deactivate your office email alerts.
If you’re not getting paid to be on call, don’t be on call. If you set clear boundaries, your personal time is much less likely to be invaded, and you’ll be more relaxed and much less resentful of everyone who hits you up post-6 PM.

Make a list of what you accomplished today and a to-do list for tomorrow.
You’ll feel accomplished and have a clear notion of your own productivity, which will let you manage your expectations of how much work you have to get done in a certain period of time. What’s more, having a clear picture of what you need to get done the next day will help you get it done faster.

Say goodbye!
Don’t linger just so people will see you hanging around and assume you’re a super hard worker. Give everyone a cheery farewell and get out of there. You have a life to live and you have pants to remove!

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