You Probably Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Via YouTube Video

Marina Shifrin worked for what she called an “awesome company” making videos. But apparently she worked too much. She uploaded a video of herself dancing to Kanye West (in her office at 4:30AM) on YouTube to announce that she was quitting her job.

On one hand, considering the business she’s in–she wants to be a comedian–Shifrin may be considered a genius with her viral peace out to her employer. On the other hand, using a YouTube video to quit your job isn’t the best idea, so this may well haunt her forever.

Why? Shifrin’s disagreements with her boss aren’t doing her any favors. She claims her boss only cares about how many views their videos get, not the quality of the content of said videos. However, her boss coolly countered, “I do care about views, because advertising pays the bills … but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about quality. We gave her assignments and opportunities to be creative. She never took them.” It can also be argued that if her content was good enough, as she suggests, the views (once more, as she suggested) would have come on their own.


What’s more, standup comedy doesn’t pay all that well unless you’re on the Bill Burr-Amy Schumer level … so she’s going to need a day job. If that day job is in a creative field, she may have some luck, but she also faces some tough competition from other humorists who have paid their dues without getting too whiny. (Not to mention that lots of standup purists don’t take kindly to YouTube celebs, but that’s another issue for another time.)

The moral of the story? As much as you may admire Shifrin’s audacity, it’s probably best that you not try this at home.

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