4 Things To Do Before Writing A Resume


Writing a resume doesn’t have to be hard! | Source: ShutterStock

Writing a resume is sort of tedious and time consuming, and it can also just be tough: How do you market yourself without sounding like self-indulgent jackass? How can you make sure you’re not underselling yourself? The answer: By being honest and racking your brain.

If you can gather the following info together before writing a resume, it’ll write itself!

List every single job and position you’ve held since you last wrote a resume.
Get your head outta the gutter, girl! Depending on what you’re applying for, you may want to leave some of these out. That’s fine–but first you need to make sure you have as many possible positions to choose from so you can tailor your resume the best that you can.

Now, make a list of all the tasks you handled for each job.
List every imaginable task. There may be some you don’t want to write on a particular resume, and that’s okay! But by listing all of them out, you may find that one job you didn’t think was relevant to a position you’re applying for may actually make you an asset to that company.

Check out all of your previous performance reviews.
Your bosses may have seen strengths in you that you didn’t even know you had. Use those to your advantage!

List all of your technical skills, certificates and licenses.
Are you good at cropping your exes using PhotoShop? Fantastic at undoing knots? Look great without pants? Do you slay at Street Fighter? You may be me. Also, these skills all may somehow apply to a new gig, so jot down everything you can think of and use those as a launchpad to see what will help you at a potential new job.

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    • Dana Leavy-Detrick

      I might also add coming up with 2 or 3 bullet points around accomplishments or significant contributions/projects you were part of for each (or at least the most recent) role. Great tactic – so many of us have difficulty talking ourselves up on the resume – plotting it out factually like this builds a good base to write off of.

    • Jaqi Wilt

      These are really helpful tips on how to write an effective resume.


    • Cece Gogh

      You need to consider these things in writing a resume that will help you land a good job.

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    • http://www.bklynresumestudio.com/ Dana Leavy-Detrick

      I would also suggest asking yourself the question, “What do I want potential employers to know about me as a candidate, and as a professional in this field?” This help sets the underlying tone, the branded message that will help you write the resume and tell an effective story.

    • ellyvincent

      Always write your experience and skills .

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