4 Ways To Prepare For A Badass Interview


Having great hair on a job interview like this girl does probably won’t hurt, either.

5. Have an amazing breakfast. Okay–this sounds silly, but have you ever been so nervous you couldn’t eat before a job interview? Right. Well, what’s worse than nervousness is stomach growl noises peeping up into the middle of your interview. Not only will you squirm in your seat trying to stop it–while obsessively thinking about it–your potential boss may actually hear it.

While your internal organs have no bearing on your professional ability, it is still an uncomfortable experience–and may stick out as a horribly memorable moment for your would-be boss. Not to mention, breakfast is, like, good for your brain power, ladies!

4. Rehearse your answers, but not too much. You want to know the answers to a few questions: why haven’t you worked in six months? Why did you leave your last job? And that whopper: what’s your weakness? Be sure you feel comfortable in these areas, while letting instinct and charisma guide you in the other areas of the interview.

3. Dress your best. You’re already nervous as hell. You don’t need anything external to worry about. Chances are you’ve stayed up late prepping (or worrying) and you might be rushing in the morning. Make sure you’ve picked out a great outfit–down to stockings, the right shoes and your handbag.

2. Prepare your resume. This is a no-brainer, but plenty of folks forget key new informational bits on their resume. The night before, make sure you’ve updated your resume, cleaned up any last typos (yikes!) and made copies for at least three or four possible interviewing staff members. This makes you look really, really prepared.

1. Pick a charm or statement piece. This is really wacky, but create something that separates you. Wear a blazer with a power color (orange, red, bright pink)–just make sure the rest of the outfit is simpler. Wear a wonderful ring or necklace. Wear all black with a popping nail polish color. Have an impeccable pair of heels.

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