4 Ways To Make Getting A Job Easier When You Graduate

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Getting a job when you graduate isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. | Source: ShutterStock

If you’re still in college, you may not even be thinking of getting a job or of your post-graduate plans other than all the boozing you’ll do at your actual graduation celebrations. But it’s never too soon to start a job hunt, and steps you take now can make your post-grad prospects a lot better. Here are four ways to make getting a job easier by June!

Network like crazy personally and professionally.
Go through all of your personal contacts. You never know who you know that may know someone who knows someone, so be sure to throw your post-grad plans out there to everyone you encounter. These people may be references later, so you want them to be able to showcase your drive and skill should they get a call from your dream employer.

Clean up your Facebook page!
You knew this already, but photos of pants-free keg stands–or, you know, just keg stands–don’t fly in the board room. Detag and delete!

Get familiar with your dream companies online.
Have a few businesses you’d kill to work for? Follow them on Twitter, “like” them on Facebook and pay attention to what they’re saying. This will help you in cover letters and interviews if you’re lucky enough to nab one–and it may make you a familiar face to whoever’s hiring, which can only help you. Unless your Twitter and Facebook are filled with pants-free keg stand photos. Then you’re on your own.

Organize your job search.
If there aren’t listings for the job of your dreams just yet, make sure you’re ready when one does come up. Make a list of employers you’re into, complete with addresses, recruiters’ and HR reps’ names, and prep your cover letters and tailor your resume for each gig–and send them anyway! Most companies will be impressed with your gumption and keep you in mind when something opens up … at which point you should tweak and resend your goods.

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