3 Ways To Deal When Your Job Changes Drastically

Stressed businesswoman at laptop

Sudden change in your job duties? Getting mad won’t make it better. | Source: ShutterStock

If you’ve scored the job of your dreams–or just one that you doesn’t make you want to hang yourself by your power strip’s extension cord–it’s stressful and disheartening as Hell when your job changes suddenly and without any input from you. (Guys, I took this gig knowing I’d never have to wear pants. If that changes, Sager out.) Here’s how to deal with changes to your job while still keeping your sanity.

Talk to your boss directly.
Let her know your concerns and find out why and for how long you’re being transitioned. The less in the dark you are about your company’s situation, the better and more in control you’ll feel.

Get the training you need.
A job change is stressful enough, but if you feel unprepared and unequipped? It becomes exponentially worse. Be sure to get any necessary training you’ll need for your new role before you’re in over your head.

Try to stay positive.
Dude, I know, I know. But you know the cliche “The only constant is change?” It’s true, so try your best to adapt–and even better, use this as a learning opportunity to pick up skills you can use down the line later. And for the love of Dolph Lundgren, don’t whine about it. When has that improved anything?

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