5 Ways To Spot A Workplace Frenemy

female coworkers arguing passive aggressively in the office

This gal knows exactly who her office frenemy is! | Source: ShutterStock

A frenemy at all is a pain in the behind, but a frenemy in the workplace is even worse. Normal frenemies can piss you off, but frenemies at work can potentially get you fired. Here’s how to spot a workplace frenemy so you’ll know to steer clear … or at least clear the air. And a tip to avoid workplace frenemies in general? Keep your nose to, well, the grindstone–and don’t spread negative gossip!

A workplace frenemy blows you off when you need help.
Does she always change the subject when you mention a new project or one on which you need help? It’s probably not a coincidence. Bonus points if she also just ends the conversation completely.

A workplace frenemy doesn’t care about your needs.
If she’s in charge of planning a company party and knows you’re deathly allergic to peanuts and serves nothing but Reese’s Cups, you can assume it’s because she’s a jerk. And maybe because she’s in cahoots with a diabetic drug company.

A workplace frenemy breaks promises.
She says she has a lead and never actually follows through, or you never hear from her again. It happens. It happens more than once? She’s a frenemy.

A workplace frenemy makes you doubt your decisions.
You’re determined to make a career move that’s amazing. She hints that it may lead your boyfriend to break up with you, so you don’t take the offer and regret it forever. If it happens more than once, she’s a frenemy. (If it just happens once, or if you tend to leap before you look, reconsider.)

A workplace frenemy is condescending, insensitive and downright insulting at times.
If someone continually makes backhanded compliments (“Your ass looks so round in those pants!”), it’s probably to keep you insecure. Well, guess what, frenemy? I’m not even wearing pants.

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