4 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Coworker (In A Smart Way)

Is someone jealous?

Is someone jealous?

Did you recently get a promotion or raise? Does your boss love? And, if so, is someone in your workplace behaving differently toward you? Perhaps they’re jealous. While this isn’t cool at all, it’s pretty common You just have to deal with it appropriately.

Don’t engage with the jealous parties. Remember what Mom told you about bullies? Ignore them (or punch them), but you can’t punch the biggest or the strongest of your coworkers, unfortunately. If your coworkers can’t be happy for you, they’re inherently not someone you need as a networking buddy or a professional support. There’s no reason to engage with people who won’t support you (because everyone deserves appreciation when they work hard) or people who are catty, jealous and plain-out cruel.

Don’t brag. If you know you did a good job, keep it graceful. Be the Jennifer Lawrence of your workplace. A little humility goes a long way! If your coworkers are already jealous of your accomplishments and your recognition (whether it be in praise or a raise), stay humble. No one likes a bragger and you’ll end up fueling a pretty untoward fire as well.

Don’t gossip about it. Gossip, while fun, is literally the worst thing you can do. It create allies, sure, but it also create enemies, frenemies and causes more gossip. In a workplace, a wildfire like this can spin out of control. This may even cause you to lose your self-respect, lose respect from others or lose your team’s confidence. Bad news.

Confront your coworker honestly. If, after everything, your coworker continues behaving in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or is a detriment to the workplace, confront him or her. Ask them, politely, “I’ve noticed a rift between us and I wanted to see where you’re coming from.” This way, you allow them to speak without automatically putting them on the defense.

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