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6 Ways To Deal If Your Boss Hates You

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If your boss hates you, you can deal. | Source: ShutterStock

Everyone has a boss at some point who they detest, and sometimes it’s a reciprocal relationship. And that really sucks. Here’s how to deal with a boss who appears to have it out for you.

Figure out: Is it really her and not you?
Think long and hard. Check your prior reviews. Look into your own attitude. And be honest with yourself! If there are small changes you can make, make them.

Appeal to other higher ups …
If most people like working with you, chances are it really is just her.

… But not too often.
If you constantly go behind your boss’ back and over her head, she’s really not going to like you.

Be polite.
Even when you want to kick her teeth in. And if anyone asks how you feel about her, don’t call her names or use it as an excuse to vent, because whatever you say will get back to her.

Go job hunting.
But don’t let it interfere with your current work!

Suck it up.
Your boss is, well, your boss. Whether you agree with her methods or not, you do have to follow them. Why? Because otherwise you’re risking getting fired not because she doesn’t like you, but because you’re being insubordinate. (Fine, guys, I’ll put on pants. But I’m not going to like it.)

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  • Sylvi Hunt

    I think before you decide to find another job it is better to ask your boss first why she hates you so much.
    South Park Slot

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