Are You The Reason People Leave Their Jobs?

African American businesswoman in meeting

Hopefully your management style isn’t why your employees quit their jobs! | Source: ShutterStock

The number one reason people leave their jobs? Their managers. If you have employees who report to you, you may be making them miserable! Here’s how to make sure your management style matches up with those whose job it is to make your job–and your life–easier.

Look out for your underlings’ best interests.
They will repay the favor. Happy employees are productive employees!

Pay attention to your employees’ talents and give them tasks that put them to use.
Does your assistant have a hobby of designing shirts for her friend’s band? Why not see if she wants to give some input on the design team? Is your receptionist a good writer? Ask her for advice on how to word a memo you’re penning. They’ll be honored and happy that you asked.

Remember you’re their manager, not their BFF.
They may be fun to talk to, but remember that you’re their supervisor. It will prevent a whole slew of problems, including accusations of favoritism and maybe even sexual harassment if you hate pants as much as I do. (But because you’re the boss, no one can make you wear them.)

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye.
It’s better to develop your star employees for upward mobility than it is to keep them where they are just because you don’t want to lose them. Wouldn’t you rather see someone you like get promoted rather than quit because they’re bored and frustrated?

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