4 Things To Never Do After Work

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You’re almost there! | Source: ShutterStock

It’s 5:00 and you’re done for the day! Here’s what not to do after work to ensure that your brain doesn’t get fried, your body doesn’t get exhausted and your soul doesn’t get crushed. (Note: I don’t have to worry about the soul thing. I traded mine a while ago for my abs, so I’m just speculating on that part.)

Don’t keep working.
Set an alarm for 5:00 or whenever it is you leave, and leave. Knowing there’s going to be an annoying beep, a Justin Bieber song or your mother-in-law’s voice coming will prompt you to hustle at the end of the day and tie up all your loose ends on time.

Don’t go directly home.
Your brain may need some extra confirmation that it’s not time to think of Excel spreadsheets and accounting reports anymore. If you have a post-work ritual of any kind, whether it’s grabbing an apple from the stand outside your office, going to the gym, or even just reading a book on the train home, it’ll teach your brain to shut off the office thoughts and let you be present when you’re home.

Don’t make excuses for bad behavior.
Having a crappy day may feel like a good excuse to do 14 shots of Jameson with your girlfriends, but guess what? You’re going to really feel crappy tomorrow. Practice self-control and limit your vices. Your work will improve, and so will your outlook. (And probably your skin, too.)

Don’t wear pants.
Please, as if I need to explain this one.

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