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3 Ways To Deal When You Don’t Like Your Employee

This isn't the best way to manage an employee you don't like. Especially if you're clumsy. | Source" ShutterStock

This isn’t the best way to manage an employee you don’t like. Especially if you’re clumsy. | Source” ShutterStock

We’ve given a lot of advice on how to deal with a crappy boss who hates you, but what if you’re the boss and one particular employee just really, really grates on your nerves? Here’s how to manage an employee you don’t like–and how to manage yourself when you don’t like an employee.

Don’t get emotional.
Take your feelings out of the equation and approach the situation logically. Is your exasperation improving the situation? No? Then let it go. You don’t need to be BFFs with everyone, and even people you don’t personally enjoy being around can have business benefits. Weigh those before lashing out again.

Remember that frustration, anger, tension and hurt can actually yield results.
Difficult people are often creative geniuses. Especially if they’re difficult about matters like pants. At least, according to Kanye West, who garnered a Kim Kardashian donk-sized load of flak for wearing a leather skirt onstage.

Remember that this employee is a person, and try to see things from their perspective.
This may mean looking at yourself in a light that’s less than flattering. Is there anything you’re doing that would make your underling behave or perform negatively? Is there more you could be doing to improve or alleviate a given situation? Are you unfairly prejudiced against this person? Do other employees do the same things and make the same errors without a peep from you? If so, examine your own behavior and shape up. We bet your charge will too.

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