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4 Ways Employee Burnout Hurts Your Boss


If the only time you do this is at your desk, that’s a problem called employee burnout. | Source: ShutterStock

Does your boss work you to the bone even when you’re not technically on the clock? Are you scared to turn off your phone or tablet? Do you work through dinner even though you were in the office for eight hours already? Are you constantly stressed?  Beware: You’re a casualty of employee burnout. And if your boss has a problem with you needing to unplug and unwind, show her this and tell her, calmly, cordially and professionally, to get off your nuts.

Happy employees are more productive.
If you’re dozing off at your desk, writing hit lists or approaching every email you receive with the same dread that comes with waiting for Clear Blue Easy results after a one night stand, chances are you’re not happy at work. And chances are you’re not enthusiastic about your projects, aren’t giving it your all and have one foot out the door.

You’ll get sick of it and bounce eventually.
And replacing you is expensive. They don’t want to have to do that. So they need to treat you better.

Or you’ll just get sick.When you’re overworked and overstressed, you’re going to lower your resistance and likely make yourself sick. You won’t perform well, and you’ll run the risk of infecting others–some of whom have kids. And when kids are sick, those people need off, and even less gets done. Stay home, forego pants in favor of a Snuggie and some soup, and get better.

Information overload is expensive for the company.
CBS News estimates that about $10 trillion–yes, trillion, with a “t”–worth of employees’ time was lost due to information overload and pointless emails. So if you have one of those bosses who emails you during off-hours to ask a basic question or to fix something she can easily and more efficiently do herself, know that she’s making the own bottom line any better.

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