3 LinkedIn Skills For Women To Steal From Men

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Men have enough advantages. Don’t let them edge us out on LinkedIn connections, too! | Source: ShutterStock

LinkedIn is a prime way to get recruited and to recruit for jobs, but studies show that men utilize the service a lot more than women do. Here’s why this may be happening–LinkedIn skills to nab from the dudes and get the jobs and opportunities you deserve.

They’re not afraid of looking needy.
A lot of women mistake sending a LinkedIn request to a dream employer with sending a Facebook request to the guy who broke your heart in college. It’s not the same thing. One is to hopefully build a future while the latter is because you can’t let go of the past. Don’t get it twisted!

They’re boast.
I know, I know, “blessed are the humble.” But the humble are also underpaid. If there’s one place to be a cocky bitch, do it on LinkedIn. If nothing else, you’ll stop humblebragging and annoying your Facebook friends.

They use all the tools they can.
This is especially important if you’re in a male-dominated industry. You can use LinkedIn to get work–so use it.

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