Gwen Dean Quit Her Job In A GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

Gwen Dean Quit Job GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

Gwen Dean quit her job … in front of 100 million people watching the Super Bowl. | Source: YouTube

Gwen Dean quit her job during a Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy. While on one hand it’s ballsy and awesome, on the other hand, she allegedly didn’t give her boss any advance notice of her leaving, which is pretty rude and disrespectful. Unless, of course, her boss was a huge jerk. Then anything goes.

But here’s hoping Puppets By Gwen takes off enough that she’ll never have to call this guy for a reference.

And props to GoDaddy for actually selling their website for once in a Super Bowl commercial. Usually they just sell sex … and sexism. #progress!

Also, after last night’s performance, everyone on the Denver Broncos may want to buy a domain name for themselves. Because sweet mother, if anyone else on the planet did their jobs that poorly, they’d be looking for work.

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