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3 Things To Do When You Mess Up At Work

Apologize before it gets to this level! | Source: ShutterStock

Apologize before it gets to this level! | Source: ShutterStock

We all screw up. Even Chris Hemsworth (by not marrying me). But screwing up at work requires a bit more action to make right and a little more tact to avoid an even bigger mess. No matter how you effed up, here’s how to bounce back and earn your boss’s trust again when you mess up at work.

Own up to your error.
Never, ever pass the blame elsewhere. Even if it ultimately is someone else’s fault, is there something–anything–you could have done to prevent the problem? If so, own up to that. This makes it clear to your boss that even though you’re responsible for whatever went wrong, you’re just that–responsible. If you finger someone else for your eff up and get caught later, it’s going to get really ugly. Bite the bullet!

Apologize sincerely.
Because you are sorry. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t sugarcoat anything. Say you’re sorry and explain how you’ll make it right not just now, but in the future. And don’t you dare add any “ifs” or “buts” to your apology. Qualifiers like that will just nullify any actual apology you just made.

Take action.
Remember how you said you’d make things right? Waste no time. Do it. Now!

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