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3 Problems To Take To HR


HR apparently can also help you join a cult. We promise, your human resources department probably isn’t this creepy. | Source: ShutterStock

If you have issues at work, sometimes it’s easy to feel like going to HR is like ratting to your teacher or something. Not the case. Well, not always. There are three specific times you need to have your concerns addressed with human resources. Don’t be afraid to make your HR department do their jobs. Here are issues to take directly to human resources:

Questions or concerns about your company-subsidized healthcare plan.
Human resources handles and manages company health insurance, so don’t be scared to ask them questions. They’ve got connections and resources with your insurers and can help answer any questions you have about coverage–or at the very least can direct you to someone within your healthcare insurance company who can.

Workplace discrimination or sexual harassment, or if you notice illegal activity.
If you’re dealing with sexual harassment or sexual, gender, religious or racial discrimination, file a formal complaint with HR. Write an email to the human resources department and CC it to your home email describing what, when, where and how the incident took place. Use “[Your name] – Formal complaint of [Sexual harassment / type of discrimination]” for the subject line. Human resources is legally obligated to investigate the incident, so don’t back down out of fear. As for illegal activity? If your company doesn’t provide anonymous hotlines to report it, HR can direct you to the right avenue to clear it up and save your hide when you blow the whistle.

If you need government protection.
Have to apply for disability? Sick and need the Family Medical Leave Act? Your HR department will work with you and your manager to get your paperwork ready so you can rest easy.

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