LinkedIn Lets You Block Users Now, And That’s Awesome


Hey, the girl in this LinkedIn profile looks familiar. And hot. And she probably never wears pants. And she’s tired of weird messages WRITTEN LIKE THIS.

Good news: Blocking is now available on LinkedIn!

You may not even realize why this is so great. I will explain it to you.

I accepted a connection request from a “motivational speaker” because we had some mutual colleagues. And the guy wound up being a total nutjob, sending constant emails IN ALL CAPS and asking if I am into health food, despite profile saying how much I love cake. (Spoiler alert: I really love cake. Very much.) IN ALL CAPS. HE ASKED ME IN ALL CAPS. ABOUT 42 TIMES.

Now you see why it’s so appealing?

Paul Rockwell, head of Trust and Safety at LinkedIn, explained, “We built this feature not only because it was a feature our members requested, but because we also knew it was the right thing to do.” Why the holdup? Rockwell explains, “[It] may seem like a simple feature to develop … [but there were] many different use cases to consider, products and features to integrate, as well as a user interface we had to create.”

When you block a connection, the connection itself is severed and the user can no longer contact you — and they’re never notified of it, which should save a dramatic e-confrontation, too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a psychotic motivational speaker to sever ties with right now. Godspeed.

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