Your Piercings And Tattoos Aren’t Why You’re Unemployed

A woman with tattoos is typing on her computer.

The tube top probably isn’t helping this girl’s cause, either. | Source: ShutterStock

Listen, I have tattoos. I don’t have any piercings, save for my ears. And if you’re into tattoos and piercings, that’s great. Really! But don’t get huffy when potential employers overlook you for jobs because they’re too visible.

This was lurking around on Facebook, and it just proves my point:

Tattoos and piercings shouldn’t get you overlooked for a job, but misplaced apostrophes should. Screencaps are just as permanent as ink–if not more so, because it takes more than a laser to get rid of these.

And in this generation, chances are tattoos and piercings in themselves aren’t why you’re getting overlooked for jobs. Potential employers don’t necessarily prejudge based on visible ink and extra orifices. But they do often think they’re a sign of a lack of foresight. As long as people in our parents’ generations are still working, showing up to a job interview with “THUG LYFE” or a totes unique Chinese symbol or huge gauges in your lobes may be considered a sign of disrespect–or of someone who doesn’t think too hard or too long before they leap.

And before you call me a hypocrite since I have ink of my own: Mine isn’t anywhere an interviewer would see unless a swimsuit competition was involved in the process. And in that case, God knows I wouldn’t get hired for a slew of other reasons.

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    • Life-Sized Mommy

      I have four tattoos, two of which are somewhat visible (wrist and back of neck). I’ve never had any trouble finding employment, probably in part because my tattoos, while visible, aren’t exactly *obvious*. Both are black script and are, in my opinion, very tasteful.

      If I had something bright, bold, and scary tattooed across the front of my throat, it might be a bit different.

    • ArtieDoescher

      Job is depend in Our performance not take any tattoo in the Body.

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