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Women Still Face Sexism In The Workplace – Especially In The Boardroom


Where my ladies at? … Oh. Dang.

Long after the Second Shift movement, women still have to deal with sexism in the workplace … especially at higher levels. Studies have shown that female executives still can’t catch much of a break.

“The challenges of 20 years ago for women are still with us,” said Susan Nethero, managing director of Golden Seeds Investment, a firm dedicated to female-owned and managed businesses. “There’s been some improvement, but it’s not really gotten any easier for women to be successful at high levels in business.”

Nethero’s grievances are echoed by Margery Kraus, CEO of APCO Consulting firm and Chairman of the Board of the Women Presidents’ Organization. “We face discrimination at all levels, like trying to raise money for a business. There’s a presumption that women can’t do certain things in business and that’s just wrong.”

Statistics back that up: Females comprise only 16 percent of corporate board seats in the United States, with a mere 14 percent of executive officer positions, and only 23 of the CEOs of the top Fortune 500 companies are women.

Still, it may not be an entirely sexist setting: Some execs say it depends on the field and the resume more than one’s gender. John Alan James, executive director of the Center for Global Governance at Pace University, surmised, “Most new board appointments come from recommendations of current board members, and it is difficult to find females who have major career experience in areas like compliance and major tech issues.”

Anyone else think they may just have to look a little harder? Someone get Mitt Romney on the phone. We need some of those binders full of women.

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  • MercedesKnudson

    The Government should make a law for stop a sexual violence and harrasement in the workplace when woman have faced it problem .