3 Ways To Screw Up Salary Negotiations & Lose Your Job Offer

Recruiter checking the candidate during job interview

Don’t make unreasonably salary negotiations nix your offer! | Source: ShutterStock

Negotiating a salary is tough, and salary negotiations often can make or break a job offer. Here are three ways to get your job offer reneged by messing around with your compensation expectations.

Not doing your salary research–or demanding more money than you originally asked for.
If a company offers you $50,000 and you asked for $50,000, take it. Asking for $60,000 will likely just get you an eyeroll and the boot. Similarly, if you didn’t do your research early enough and you asked for a $35,000 salary then found out that similar jobs usually pay $50,000, don’t expect them to offer much beyond what you asked for originally. That said, some negotiations are normal. For example, if their first offer is $50,000 and you ask for $55,000, that shouldn’t kill your offer. Research your local salaries (if you work in New York City, it’ll probably be higher than if you live in Nebraska) and ask for one within five to ten percent of that.

Requesting maternity leave, a vacation or a postponed start date before you’re hired.
Listen, it’s not necessarily fair, but asking to take off for any reason–whether it’s for a baby, a vacation, a sabbatical–you’re asking for trouble. Because while it’s not fair for you to not land a job because you’re expecting, it’s also not really fair to expect an employer to hold a job for you when they need a position filled immediately.

Having unrealistic expectations of your workload–or asking your workload to be less than that of your colleagues’.
If everyone else in your department shovels poop from 9 to 5 and you only want to work 12 to 4 smelling roses, that’s going to pose a problem if you plan on getting paid the same amount. Have realistic and fair expectations of what you’ll be doing for what hours, and don’t act entitled to more than you rightfully earned.


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