4 Ways To Stay Social Media Savvy And Not Get Fired

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Just because you went to law school doesn’t mean you’re social media savvy. Or just not an idiot. Be smart! | Source: ShutterStock

Social media can be a real asset on the job or on the job search, but it can also hinder your chances at a promotion or a position if you’re not being careful. While most of this is common sense, remember that wise old adage from my buddy Voltaire that common sense isn’t so common? It’s true. Sorry if this is remedial for some of you:

For every update you want to publish: Read twice, post once.
Think about what you really want to say and the best way to say it. And then check it for typos and errors, because the angry tweets I get that mistake “your” for “you’re” are really hard to take seriously. And if you have to think for more than two seconds about whether a post is appropriate or not, it’s not.

Don’t mix up your social media accounts.
If you have one for work and one for play, imagine the horror when you accidentally tweet something that’s innocuous in context but horrifying outside of that from your company account–and your boss and clients notice. To be safe, use two browsers: For example, Chrome for work stuff and Safari or Firefox for personal interactions.

Pay very close attention to privacy settings.
A girl I’ve known since childhood thought she was smarter than all of her friends because she passed the bar. Turns out she was wrong, because she talked a whole lot of shit about her coworkers on Facebook without checking her privacy settings, so the entire world saw that she thinks her coworkers are miserable cows. Including her boss. Bet she wants a refund for law school now, eh?

Use a disclaimer, but also use sound judgment.
Writing “All opinions my own” is a good way to keep your job separate from your personal tweets, but it won’t save you from everything. Use your brain–and your backspace button, if necessary.

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