Online Security Alert: How To Protect Yourself From The Heartbleed Bug

There's nothing romantic about a Heartbleed bug vulnerability.

There’s nothing romantic about a Heartbleed bug vulnerability.

The Heartbleed bug is one of the most and dangerous cracks in online security ever. I won’t go into all the technical hoopla involved with the Heartbleed bug because, well, I don’t know how to explain it any better than CNET did. The basics? Your online passwords may be compromised, and your online privacy and security may be compromised in turn as a result. How can you protect yourself from the Heartbleed bug?

Avoid logging into vulnerable sites.
To see which sites are vulnerable and which sites patched their bugs, click here.

Don’t change your passwords until you get an OK.
Wait for websites to confirm that they’ve “patched” the Heartbleed code in their sites before changing your login information. If you don’t, you’re basically just giving a hacker your new password.

Watch your financial statements closely.
Most online banking sites use a different encryption tool and thus aren’t subject to the Heartbleed bug, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Reach out to small businesses you work with about the Heartbleed bug.
Obviously, sites like Google (which may not have been affected at all) and Yahoo know about the Heartbleed bug because they’re huge and technologically savvy. But your local family-owned shops with an online department or credit lines? They may not be up to speed.

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