Looking For A Job? List These Soft Skills On Your Resume


A generic resume could hinder your job search. List your soft skills to help. | Source: ShutterStock

When you’re looking for a job, employers want you to have the skills your job demands. For example, if I were hiring a body double, requirements would include having a huge butt and not wearing pants. But there are also soft skills that employers are looking for that may not be listed in a job description–but they’re still a boost for you.

Per CareerBuilder (via CBS News), the top soft skills that employers seek from job hunters are:

- A strong work ethic
- Dependable
- Positive attitude
- Self-motivated
- Team-oriented
- Organized and can manage multiple priorities
- Works well under pressure
- An effective communicator
- Flexible
- Confident

Of course, listing your job experience on your resume is a little more important than listing your soft skills–and listing your soft skills on your resume can be a little wonky. But you can present your soft skills in terms of accomplishments you’ve made at work. For example, if you want to demonstrate that you’re a great communicator, you can write, “Handpicked by editorial director to write and edit The Grindstone because I can spell.”

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