Your After-Hours Hobby Can Make You A Better Worker

girl with long brown hair in white button-down shirt singing into her hair brush

This may nab you a raise someday. | Source: ShutterStock

Can singing into your hairbrush make you a better worker? Chances are, the answer is yes.

Studies show that engaging in a creative hobby or activity, whether it’s a Guitar Hero tournament, crocheting a sweater, baking a pie, telling jokes to strangers (hey-yo) or writing poetry, can actually improve your performance at work. Even video games that require creative thinking can improve your performance, especially in areas of problem solving and volunteering to help out at the office.

And, though the study (and many others) recommends unplugging from work after work hours, it says creative activity can help curb the effects of overworking yourself. (So basically, if you’re painting a watercolor and take a break to check your work email, you’re not going to sabotage yourself.)

If you’ll excuse me, I have jokes to write. And pies to bake. And most importantly, pies to eat. I’m doing this for the economy.

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