Doing This One Thing Can Make You Happy In Your Retirement

elderly retired woman happy and smiling with a short gray and white haircut

Of course, being as adorable as this woman will make for a happy retirement, too. | Source: ShutterStock

Want to be happy in your retirement? Experts say you only have to do one thing: Plan.

Okay, so planning often entails a few other things, but still. A study shows that people who rated themselves as “highly disciplined planners” were the happiest and most financially secure when they retired.

Some excuses people use when they don’t bother planning for their retirement is that they’re not interested, they don’t know how or they don’t have time. This is all BS: You should be interested so you’re not starving when you’re 60, it’s very easy to find help for this online, and for the most part, you don’t need a ton of time to do it–especially if your job offers a 401K plan (just put in as much as you can afford and peace out).

If you still need help? Find some here and get cracking so you can live like a Golden Girl in your Golden years.

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