Being Good At Video Games Can Help You Get A Job

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Congratulations, gamer girls! You’re getting jobs.

Good news, gamer girls! Being good at playing video games can land you the job of your dreams.

Several big companies, including Coca-Cola and the Royal Dutch Shell, have been using video games as tests for both job applicants as well as whether or not to fund small projects into big ones. Coca-Cola focuses on behavioral testing with their video game applications, while the Royal Dutch uses games like Wasabi Waiter and Dungeon Scrawl to assess skills and worthiness. And it turns out, success at these games was incredibly indicative of success in business. In fact, Royal Dutch Shell said video game results helped them narrow down ideas by 80 percent.

Of course, there are potential issues with using this method of job application. But I don’t care. I want every employer to use Street Fighter as a tool, because then I will run the Goddamn world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to this on loop for a few hours at the gym. SHORYUKEN!

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