What To Really Hide From Your Facebook Page If You’re Job Hunting

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If you’re job hunting, you need to hide more than just your keg stand photos from Facebook. | Source: ShutterStock

If you’re job hunting, you probably already know that you need to hide some things from your Facebook page, like your boozy bikini photos. But there are a few other things you may want to make scarce, and they’re pretty specific.

A huge red flag for all companies? Talking smack about employers or coworkers. A pal of mine who recently passed the bar and thinks she’s smarter than me did this, without changing her Facebook privacy settings, and the post was public. Her new employer saw it, and it wasn’t pretty.

She could have avoided this with common sense, but for those like this gal who lack that, there are tools at your disposal to review your profile.

RepNup, a firm that will run checks for your Facebook account, says that the biggest red flags are cuss words (you f—ing idiot), drug references (were you smoking crack when you applied without deleting that?) and TMI (no one wants to know about your bloody stool except your gastroenteroligist). Also dangerous? Any hyperbolic language you may use when you’re angry, like when I sometimes write about how I want to bludgeon my neighbors for blasting weird chanting music when I’m trying to f—ing write this.

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