Makeup Is A Ripoff: Mink 3D Printer & Grace Choi Fix That For You

Makeup and beauty products are a ripoff. Harvard Business student Grace Choi is going to blow your mind with Mink 3D, a 3D printer that prints makeup, so you can not only create your own products, but also save a ton of money and define your own perfect look.

Choi will sell Mink for $300, and it works like any other printer, except it prints, well, stuff you’re going to put on your face.

If you like your friend’s lipstick or want to channel the color of Lady Gaga’s latest wig into an eyeshadow, you can snap a photo or screengrab, copy the hexadecimal code of the color (she shows how above) and print it out and wear it whenever you want.

Choi explains, “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bulls—. They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is color.”

Watch the clip above to see how Mink 3D works, as well as just how charming Choi is. (I love a woman who curses!)

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    • myCosmeticBag

      I wish the press would stop making people believe she’s already created this technology. Has no one watched the video all the way through? She says she hacked the demo together and that she hadn’t actually printed anything. She purchased the shadow beforehand and put it inside the printer. During the QA one of the panelists mentioned all he saw was a piece of blank paper come out, then she opened it up and pulled out the shadow. She is not a chemist or an engineer. Just because she went to Harvard business school doesn’t mean she knows what the hell she’s doing (apparent by the fact that she misspells “convenience.”) You can’t print quality makeup. Different makeup uses different formulas, and each skin type reacts to formulas differently. How will one printer address everyones makeup needs? Makes no sense. Read this:

    • SynthiaAvallone

      In now-a-days Makeup in the 3D Style .