Your Boss Is Tracking Your Every Minute For A Reason

woman with clock

Bosses hate clockwatchers, but not all the time. | Source: Shutterstock

Even if you’re being paid a yearly salary and you’re not an hourly employee, chances are your boss is still tracking your hours. And while that can be pretty annoying–after all, if you took a salary job, you probably wanted to avoid that mess–it’s actually less micromanaging than you think.

Turns out, if you’re salaried and non-exempt–meaning, if you get paid a salary and you’re still subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act–you can be eligible for overtime pay if you work over your usual number of hours per week. And the best way to prevent a lawsuit or any discrepancies later is to have you clock in and out, even if you have a salaried position.

This will save the company, you and your boss a lot of headaches later, as well as a long courtroom drama if one of you gets bad blood later. For example, if you were to, say, get fired and want to get even by claiming you worked 65 hours and not 45 hours a week for five years and were never compensated for it?

Yeah, your boss will want to cover her butt. Can you blame her now?

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