Free Food At Work Makes Us Happy, Unless We Have Allergies

two large homemade hamburgers cheeseburgers with lettuce tomato onion

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but it turns out that may be wrong. (And free food always tastes better.) | Source: ShutterStock

If you’re a boss looking to make your employees happy, you could offer them a raise, benefits or summer Fridays. Or you could just give them free food.

A new survey by Seamless shows that 60 percent of employees said getting free food, or even just restaurant vouchers, at work would make them feel more valued as an employee. Some more food news, by the numbers, from CBS News:

- 50 percent of workers think free food would make them happier with their current employer.
- 50 percent of employees said that when they eat with their coworkers, they develop better and more friendly relationships within the office.
- 41 percent of employees said that they’d be less likely to accept an offer from another company if their current company offered food and the new one did not.
- Still, a handful of respondents said that free food that went against their dietary beliefs, diets in general or didn’t correspond well with their food allergies would make them feel crappy. (To which we say: You can’t please everyone. Suck it up, vegans and gluten-free fanatics.)

Ironically, while everyone loves free food, the number one perk for employees? Gym memberships. Best of both worlds!

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    • Alexandra

      I don’t mind free food THAT much, unless I have to spend 20 minutes explaining to everyone why I can’t eat it, and then have people question my medical issues, or spread rumors about my diet. It’s easier when I can just enjoy my own lunch.