6 Lessons From Disney Villains

I saw Maleficent this weekend at the insistence of my Disney villain-obsessed two-year-old nephew, and I’m not gonna lie: I dug it. And since I posted about Disney princesses already yesterday, how about some lessons from Disney villains? After all, so many of them are merely misunderstood.

She got stuff done, stood her ground and didn’t let a king boss her around or keep her from soaring. Don’t be a pushover or dumb yourself down or hide your own power to seem less threatening.

Why’s everyone hating on an entrepreneur? Sure, she preys on the vulnerable, but that’s capitalism. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

The Wicked Stepmother (Lady Tremaine)
She looked out for her own, and diabolical cunning is still cunning.

The Evil Queen
Like it or not, if you take care of your appearance, you’ll be much more successful than a slob. And it doesn’t hurt to be skilled at science. Just make sure the people you hire (you know, like the huntsman) will do their jobs.

Why are we so mad at this dude for being creative and innovative with his toys? Let’s not hate just because he’s not cookie-cutter and has orthodontic issues. Also, Disney? Being a garbage man isn’t to be looked down upon. It’s an honest living!

Manipulation works. You know, as long as you don’t manipulate anyone smarter than you and remain honest. (Also, blame Scar’s parents a bit, too. They named him Scar for Christ’s sake. That’d be like my parents naming me “Thighs With Cellulite And Generous Proboscis.” Of course he’s going to have a complex.) He also had a good motto:

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